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Newsletter # 121


 We sincerely thank you for visiting our stand at the last Ambiente fair in Frankfurt.

It was a real pleasure to see the welcome you reserved for our novelties.

Our entire team is at your disposal to build together a solid and long lasting partnership.

We also thank the Ambiente team for the organization of this beautiful 2024 edition which also allowed us to see our iconic kitchen knives 1920 range, oak handles PEFC certified (for sustainable forest management) distinguished Ethical style.

The Ethical Style selection at Ambiente is made by a jury of international experts and highlights the suppliers who are implementing remarkable initiatives in the field of sustainability.

Jean Dubost, let’s cut for a better world.

Jean Dubost gamme Sense sélectionnée Ki-Life salon HOMI 2024, economie circulaire

Jean Dubost gamme Sense
sélectionnée au Ki-Life sur HOMI 2024

New, Jean Dubost :
Le Thiers 2.0

Jean Dubost gamme Sense sélectionnée Ki-Life salon HOMI 2024, economie circulaire Jean Dubost Le Thiers 2.0 made in France  manches bois différentes essences

Last month, Milano Home hosts the Ki-Life Sustainable Award for companies that have designed and implemented products or projects with a view to Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility.

It’s a great honor for the Jean Dubost team to see its Jean Dubost Laguiole and kitchen knives Sense range selected for the Ki-Life Sustainable Award at HOMI 2024.

A range 100% made in France in our workshops with more than 100 years old of know how, handle is made from plastic waste collected and recycled in France : handles100% from the circular economy to give meaning and use to waste!



  Born in Thiers, cradle of the French cutlery, the knife Le Thiers («Le Tié») is manufactured according to a rigorous process subjected to a pact called Jurande.

Design, sleek, it will bring originality and modernity to your table. Our new model, revisited «Le Thiers 2.0» comes from our french cutler expertise from more than centenary, it is offered in the most beautiful species of wood: olive, boxwood, walnut, juniper and oak certified PEFC for sustainable forest management.

The Thiers 2.0 by Jean Dubost: the ideal knife to bring a chic, contemporary and elegant style to your table!




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